Chelsey works directly with clients to design and create the piece they are wanting to bring to life.  She works with local businesses to create fun accent walls or logo work, families that want fun pieces for their kids rooms, and she also travels to AirBnBs to create Instagram walls to help bring more fun to the property.  She can either take your logo or design and use it directly or design in Procreate to create the artwork.  She will also superimpose the image onto a photo of the space to show you what the final product will look like.  When she arrives she will be using a projector to get dimensions perfect, sketch and then paint.  Electricity and running water are needed at the site.

How does pricing work? 

Pricing depends on several factors:

  • Square Footage (first thing a client must do is measure the length and width of the space they want painted)
  • Detail of Design
  • Surface Quality (is it a brick or stone wall?  How is the terrain surrounding the space, is it easily accessible or are there inclines or obstacles that will be a challenge to work around?)
Travel fees will be added if over 20 miles from Frisco, TX.   If she is traveling to an AirBnB to paint and it will take several days to complete then stay in the house will be expected while she is painting or hotel accommodations paid for by client.  

Below are some examples of client pricing.  She typically takes the square footage (say it’s a 4 ft by 6 ft design = 24 sq ft) and multiplies that by the price per sq ft.  So if it’s 24 sq ft * $20, that price would be $480.  That price might change depending on factors listed above.

Want a quote for your space?  Please use the form below or feel free to text Chelsey at 903-733-1484.  


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Please include any essential information regarding the potential project, including: dimensions, type of surface, budget, theme, if you have the image or will it need to be designed, etc.