Virtual Art Classes

ColorHype offers 10 classes that can be done virtually.  The team or group decides which class they want, we send over options for color choices or vinyl options, ColorHype will prepare the kits and we ship directly to the participant.  We ship across the US and work with teams coast to coast. Kits start at just $40 each including shipping! Want to see our pricing guide or schedule your event?  Fill out the contact form below!


Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Pouring is so easy and great for all ages! We teach pouring with different tools. We offer flip cup, strainer, dustpan, split cup and swipe pouring. The kits comes with everything needed to create your own pour at home, including a tray, canvas, paints, silicone, and more!

Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks are a fun, vibrant ink that is diluted with rubbing alcohol. We offer a variety of inks classes, including: Inks and Tiles, Inks and Vinyl, Inks and Gold Leaf and Inks and Skylines. All of these kits come packed with everything from a plastic tablecloth, inks, rubbing alcohol and other materials needed!

Acrylic Pour

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We can accommodate large groups up to 250 people virtually.